Group Activities

Looking for something fun to do while in Galway? Wheter you’re with your family, friends or enjoying a Golden vacation, there’s a range of great group activities you can enjoy on your trip from something challenging or just a fun game.

Galway Foot Golf

Galway Foot Golf is a great group activity combining the competitiveness of Football and the leisure of Golf. Galway Foot Golf is located in Loughrea, Galway. It is a perfect activity for a group that are looking for something fun and easy to play. It is also good for a group who are looking for a competitive, skilful and unique sport.

Asylroom Escape Rooms Galway

Asylroom Escape room Galway is the perfect activity for anyone looking for a team building exercise that is very different to what anyone else has tried before. Asylum Rooms are centrally situated on Dominick in Galway city. The idea behind the activity is that a group of people are locked into a themed room and have to have to find their way out of the room by solving a mystery in 60 minutes. There are 3 rooms available at the same level of difficulty including Sherlocked, Se7en Sins and Da Vinci Code.

Great Escape Rooms Galway

Great Escape Rooms Galway are located on Abbeygate Street, Galway. It is great fun for any group looking for a fun day out, a stag, hen or team building exercise that is something out of the ordinary. You are locked into a room and have to try and escape in 60 minutes. You have to observe your surroundings and work as a team to solve each mystery so that you can make a connection that will help you escape from the room. It is the perfect activity if you are looking for something that is exciting, provides tension and helps you work as a team.

Eile Mental Activity Park Galway

Located in Lettergunnet, Furbo Galway, Eile Mental Activity Park is a fun way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a fun outdoor group activity. It brings together new and exciting activities while enjoying the great outdoors and the stunning view of Galway Bay. There are many different activities to choose from for your group including Laser Tag, Paintball, Archery, Orienteering and Disc Golf. Each is run in both English and Irish.

Galway Treasure Hunts

Located in the city centre, Galway Treasure hunt is a perfect activity for a group who want to stay central, while having fun and seeing the city. Each group is divided into smaller teams. Each group is given a digital camera along with a challenge book. Inside each book is the mission and it outlines how each team can receive maximum points to win the event. Each challenge is dotted along the route map and team members have to take photos to prove that they were at each landmark in Galway City Centre. Extra points are given for funny or creative photos. After the treasure hunt is complete a prize giving ceremony takes place for the winning group.

Segway Adventure

Located throughout Ireland, Segway Ireland is an extremely fun activity to do with a group of friends or colleagues. Segway Adventure can be done in NUIG, Corrib Village. There are a wide variety of activities that you and your group can do including Segway Polo, Segway Water Battles, Segway Nerf Zone, Extreme Segway Frisbee, Segway Croquet, Segway Obstacle Course, Segway Treasure Hunt and Segway Fun-Glides. Segway Adventure is the new way and extremely fun way to play games.

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