Living Green

Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway is committed to operating an environmentally responsible business. We work closely with our staff, suppliers and partners to plan and implement a programme for the hotel which will reflect green best practice and contribute to an improvement in our locality. It’s part of being a responsible business. It’s about making a positive impact on the world around us while building our business.

Some of our aims are to have zero waste through increased recycling of paper, plastic, food waste management, use of seasonal produce and reusable glass water bottles. We are also conserving water – water restrictors are used to control water usage in taps and toilets. We have controlled the speed of our shower pressure at 9l per minute, taps at 4l per min and cisterns at 7l per minute dual flush.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

We are part of the Bike to Work Scheme which encourages staff to look at alternative ways of getting to work and from A to B in their day to day lives. We partake in virtual team meetings to avoid unnecessary travel. Utilise local suppliers where possible to reduce road milage.


Energy-efficient initiatives which include replacing all lighting with LED, encourage staff to conserve electricity in their department, proper maintenance of hotel plant to ensure increased efficiency. Guests are encouraged to re-use linen and to forgo housekeeping to conserve energy and water.

Recycling & Eco-friendly Products

Source eco-friendly products to reduce the impact on the local and wider community. We utilise larger soap dispensers and shower gel dispenser where possible to avoid single-use plastics. We have recycling bins next to our lifts on every floor to help increase the recycling of consumer waste.

Living Green - The Future

Maldron Hotels & Partners are committed to continuing our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. If you would like to know more about our environmental movement, please click here.

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