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Salthill in Galway near Maldron Hotel Sandy Road


Salthill is one of Galways largest and busiest sea-side towns. Located just outside the city it has everything for everyone and can provide you and the family with hours upon hours of entertainment. It has a combination of sandy and pebbled beaches and lots of tourist attractions to suit any age. You will never stumble upon a dull moment in this fun-filled suburb.

Salthill is one of Galway’s largest and busiest attractions. It has everything for everyone and can provide you and the family with hours upon hours of entertainment. You will never stumble upon a dull moment in this fun-filled suburb.

If it’s a sunny day and you fancy going for a nice stroll then why not take part in one of Salthill’s well known traditions, ‘kick the wall’. It involves a 2.5km trail that leads you from the city all the way out to Salthill. A long the way you will be shown various points of Interest which hold a lot of history. Some of these points of interest include:
• Nimmo’s Pier – Built in 1822 by a Scottish Man. Was designed to aid fishing boats.
• Mutton Island – Explore the lighthouse and the Keepers Cottage which has been standing there since 1815.
• Seamus Heaney – A very popular Irish poet who has a poem kept there for all to read.
Once you have completed the trail you have to ‘kick the wall’ and there you go, you have just become part of one of Galway’s oldest traditions.

For all you thrill-seekers out there, you might be interested in Blackrock diving tower, a very popular spot amongst the locals. Blackrock is a diving pier that has several levels for you to jump off, so if you’re not a big fan of heights then there’s no need to panic! People love this spot so much that they can be seen plunging themselves in to the water all year round.

If you are a sports fanatic and you can’t leave the ball alone, even when on holiday, then check out Pure Skill. This is a company that provides you with the equipment to play sports from all around the world. They range from Rugby to Cricket to Basket Ball.

Ladies Beach is a sandy beach that has very shallow waters so it is perfect for young children. Everyone loves a good day out at the beach, especially kids, so sit back, relax and soak up the nice, summery weather. Don’t forget your sun-cream!

One of Salthill’s favourite activity spots is Seapoint Leisure. It is an arcade that has enough coin-slot machines and virtual game arcades to last a life-time! Once you enter this building you will find it very hard to leave it is just that fun. Unless of course you’ve run out of 2cents‘, so you have no choice but too.
Another favourite is Perks Funfair. Open from Easter, it is in full swing throughout the summer months and has everything a fun fair should have. From Dodgems to Waltzers, you will be sure to have a smile on your face for the whole day. They have been running since the Seventies so they know the ins and outs of good entertainment.

Salthill has so many activities and things to do, you can organise a full day of fun stuff including a visit to the Galway Atlantaquaria which is one the children’s favourite locations as they can even touch the starfish when there’s supervision available!

Salthill is only 5.8km away from the Maldron Hotel, Sandy Road Galway. If you’re looking for directions just ask one of our reception staff and they will provide you with a small map of the city if needed. It is a 15 minute drive from us and there are also public transports available all day.

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