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Kylemore Abbey, near our hotel in Galway

Kylemore Abbey

If culture and heritage is your vice, then why not pop out to Connemara to explore the beautiful and tranquil 1000 acre estate of Kylemore Abbey. This estate has been around since the 1800s and is steeped in history. It is currently one of the West’s most popular tourist destinations.

Kylemore Abbey is now home to the Benedictine Nuns who have devoted their entire life to the running and keeping of the grounds. They run their own farms on the grounds which are open to visitors to roam around. They also offer great learning experiences and music education.

You will never get bored when visiting this fairy-tale castle as there is always something to do. They run lots of different walks and hikes such as:

  • Woodland walks
  • Lakeshore walks
  • Nature trails
  • Children’s play trails
  • Hill walking
  • Hikes

If you wish to educate yourself with some fascinating history then you will not be disappointed. You can visit the restored rooms of the abbey and learn about them whilst doing so as tour guides have an in-depth knowledge of the estate and its past residence. Guides who speak different languages are also available on request.

Kylemore Abbey also has magnificent six-acre walled Victorian gardens. It was restored to its former glory in the late 1990s. It is famed for its isolated location and the fact that every variety of plant that is growing there is one which would have been cultivated by Victorian gardeners. The Kylemore Abbey estate is also home to a Gothic Church, Mausoleum where Mitchell and Margaret Henry, the founders of the estate, are buried side by side. There is also a Giants Ironing Stone on show which is used as a ‘wish’ fountain. Whether or not your there for the history or just for the walks you are sure to be amazed and taken in by the sense of spirituality.

Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway offers you a quality hotel near Kylemore Abbey. Why not plan a visit to Connemara and book your hotel in Galway.