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Clifden, Galway in Connemara, Ireland


Clifden lies just on the coast of Connemara in Galway and is by far its biggest town. It is a popular tourist destination for those exploring the Connemara region as it is full of picturesque scenery and has many scenic walks which are a hit amongst visitors. It is also a short distance from Kylemore Abbey which is a monastery founded in the early 1900s and is another spectacular tourist location that is found on the same grounds as the Kylemore Castle.

Clifden is very well known for its culture and heritage and is full of history. The first transatlantic flight ever, made a stop here making Clifden a huge talking point and putting it on the map. After the great Irish Famine hit, Clifden was said to be in a lot of trouble but then the opening of the Galway to Clifden train line in 1895 boosted its population right back up again. Ever since, the town has been thriving.

No matter what kind of entertainment you are looking for, Clifden is sure to have it. They have lots of attractions and services open to the public, making it a great tourist destination.

The scenery is the main attraction of Clifden as it is known for its stunning sites and tranquil landscapes. Sky road is one of the main scenic routes in Clifden. This open road is brilliant as it allows its passengers to see everything. The road is about 11km long and is home to many fascinating sites such as mountains and hills. Another scenic favourite is the Beach Road, just like the Sky Road, it has lots of amazing views and it also leads you down to the beach. It is not as long as the Sky Road so it suits those who prefer maybe a shorter walk, cycle or drive. Clifden also has lots of ruins scattered around the place, one of them being the Clifden Castle, a main focal point for this town. The Clifden castle is a Gothic Revival style castle which was founded in 1815 by John D’Arcy. It has many interesting features such as the standing stones which were constructed to emulate other standing stones around Ireland, though it is thought that these stones are not as historic as the other standing stones around the country, it is believed that one of the stones is a genuine prehistoric worked stone which was brought in from another part of the country. The castle itself is surrounded by the astounding views of the Clifden Bay which makes this scenic location such a hit with tourists from around the world.

There are lots of outdoor pursuits for people to get involved in such as Walking and Hill Walking. Clifden has the perfect setting for this as it is full of hills, cliffs and mountains that run on for miles. Cycling is another favourite as the roads are very open and you can make a pit stop at any time. There are bike hires in the local area which can provide the visitors with local maps as well as the different routes one can take such as the Sky Road Loop which is roughly around 16km and takes over an hour to complete. Another popular cycling route would be the Cleggan Loop which is 33km long and would take over 2 hours to complete. On course of this route, the visitor may see the stunning, small Island called Omey which can be visited on foot if the tide is out. If you feel like having a small adventure you can engage in a hike which is called the 12 Bens Trek, and doesn’t require climbing any significant peaks however you will need to cross a small river and the route itself can be quite wet so wearing adequate boots would be recommended!

Clifden also has many services for you to enjoy such as horse-riding, scuba-diving and golfing. On a sunny day, these kinds of activities are perfect for all of the family to participate in.

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