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Aran Islands near Maldron Hotel Sandy Road

Aran Islands

Known to others as a ‘veritable jewel in the Atlantic Ocean’, the Aran Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations on the West of Ireland with thousands of visitors coming from all over the world just to experience their beauty.

The Aran Islands consist of three magical islands which are sure to leave you in admiration. Its sandy beaches and breath-taking views will not disappoint.

Inis Mór
The first and most popular Island is Inis Mor. This is the biggest Island out of the three and has over 50 different monuments of Christian, Pre-Christian and Celtic mythology heritage. The island is also made of pure limestone rock and tells a fascinating story of how it drifted apart from the Burren in County Clare. Plenty of people call this island home and devote their life to making their home your home, if even just for a day. If you fancy exploring the islands in depth, then this can be easily done. The islanders offer a bike rental service so that you can enjoy a leisurely cycle on a sunny day. Or if maybe walking is your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that this island has an 8km stretch of pure magnificence. The stretch generally takes 2-4 hours to complete and provides isolation and tranquility for all those seeking a bit of peace!

Inis Meáin
This is the second island that makes up the three. It has a range of natural features that are of great interest. Inis Meáin has the largest stone fort out of the three and leaves history lovers baffled by its existence. The island is also host to few Celtic and historic features that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Inis Oírr
It is the smallest of the three islands, but still an amazing destination with plenty of followers. It is home to the only fresh water lake in the Aran Islands and has a great variety of churches and Celtic features. This island resembles that of a classic, isolated fishing village and proposes a calm and relaxed, quiet life.

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