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The Burren

The name Burren came from the Irish name ‘Boíreann’ which when translated means a rocky place which is an ideal name for the Burren as it is mostly rock that covers this National Park. Though this land is mostly rock, it is still very fertile due to the combination of the rich herbs and some floral species also. With 350 square kilometres in size The Burren covers an astonishing 1% of the land surface in whole of Ireland and around 75% of plant species in Ireland are found in Burren. This is all due to its very complex eco-system though it’s considered that The Burren is just rock. The highest point in The Burren National Park is the Knocknanes which is an amazing 207 meters high. This National Park is for all the nature enthusiasts who are interested in rare species of mammals, birds and plants. At the park you are able to avail of a free guided nature walk where topics such as The Burren flora and fauna, geology and management practices which are used to preserve the park, are implemented.

There are also 7 different walking trails where you and your family or group can go for a relaxing walk and enjoy the scenery. Out of the 7 trails, 5 of these trails start from Gortlecka Crossroads and 2 of them start from Slieve Carran. These walking trails are all of different lengths and range anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

The Burren National Park isn’t just for those who are interested in Geology but also for those who simply just love the wildlife. You can find birds such as swans, grey heron and sparrowhawk which are only a few of the ones you will see. There are plenty of different mammals to see also, which can be very exciting for your little ones.

If you still have some energy left, you can also travel a little further and visit the Dromore Wood Nature Reserve which as a private estate that belonged to the Crowe Family until 1940s, however in 1985 it became a statutory nature reserve. This reserve covers 1,000 acres and is full of sights to see! These include rivers, lakes, callows, more limestone pavements and also vast areas of species-rich woodland. The Dromore Reserve has a vast variation of flora and fauna species. This Reserve isn’t also known just for its nature but also for its history and archaeology. The Reserve holds a 17th century castle which is stood by the lake and also the sites of Cahermacrea Castle and Kilakee Church. You can also find 2 ring forts in this area, a limelkin and a chapel.

Due to the vast amount of nature’s wildlife to see in The Burren and Dromore, it has become one of the top most visited sites in Ireland with millions of tourists visiting these National Parks every year. On a sunny day, you and your family or your group of friends can have the perfect outing, to take in everything that the West of Ireland has to offer.

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