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Bowling in Galway - family holidays

Planet Entertainment Centre

The Planet Galway is located just down the road from Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway and has plenty of entertainment options for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Laser Tag: The aim of this game is to use the most up-to-date tech lasers to tag your opponents’ sensors and whoever has the most points at the end wins. It is just like paint-balling but without all the bruises. The Planet Galway provides an equipped room with a military theme to make the game that bit more intense. Fog and heart-pounding music are also incorporated into the theme which adds to the excitement and sets an atmosphere thrill-seekers definitely don’t want to miss. You can choose from a list of 10 different laser-tag missions that you can either play solo against all your opponents or you can team up with someone and battle against another team. You can also switch from mission to mission with just a click of a button.  Some of these missions include:

  • Standard Solo – This would be the most basic out of the ten. Has a medium fire rate and provides you with unlimited lives and ammo. This can also be played as a team.
  • Fast and Furious Solo – A more fast and exciting mission. Has a high fire rate and a short deactivation time. Can also be played as a team.
  • Solo Elimination – This is a more skilled game of Laser Tag. You have limited lives and once all your lives are gone, you are then eliminated. Can also be played as a team.
  • Vampires – This involves one person being selected as ‘Vampire’ at the start of the game and they then have to try and turn everyone else into vampires. If you succeed in doing so then you have won the whole game.

Ten-Pin Bowling: A perfect source of entertainment for friends and family that is sure to provide you with an hour of laughter and competitiveness. You can also play glow in the dark UV bowling if you want to add a bit more funkiness to your day. Bumpers, light weighing balls and ball ramps are provided for those of us who aren’t quite pro yet.

Space Kids: This is a children’s soft play area that is sure to keep your child amused for hours. It is kitted out with a huge ball pool, rope bridges and super, slippery slides. There is also an under 5’s section provided.

The Planet Galway also has plenty of arcade games, pool tables and air hockey tables available for you to use to your amusement.

If you are looking to celebrate, The Planet Galway also provides packages available for children’s parties, birthday parties and Stag and Hen parties also. The kids have a choice of activities from Soft Play, Bowling and Laser tag and they will have a party host assigned to them so you parents can sit back and relax while the littles ones are having fun.  There’s also going to be a choice of snacks and food available for the kids and tea/coffee for you, parents! Each child will receive a return voucher on departure in case they want to come back to repeat their fun experience.

They also have special offers for groups and families if you are not looking to host a party.

The Planet Galway is a 5 minute walk from the Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway or alternatively if the weather isn’t great, you may also get the 407 bus which is just outside the hotel and your destination is just 1 stop away!

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