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Galway Aquarium - family friendly holidays

National Aquarium

The Atlantaquaria is Ireland’s largest aquarium which is located on the Seapoint Prominade, Salthill Galway. Atlantaquaria is 2 floors high and is a home to 60 exhibits and 170 species so whether you’re an enthusiast or just have some interest, this is a place for you. All tickets purchased are valid for the whole day at the aquarium so you don’t have to hurry to see everything.

This visitor location is mostly popular with children of all ages and backgrounds, especially the touch pools where they are able to hold starfish and spider crabs. The touch pools must be supervised when holding the starfish so make sure to check the Touch Pool times so the littles ones don’t miss a thing!

Inside the aquarium there is an Open Ocean and a Mountain Pool also with many species to be found there also. The Atlantaquaria is also the home to Valentine, the world’s only captive white Skate which is one of the main attractions in the aquarium. Another popular attraction is the real Fin Whale Skeleton, which is so big you won’t believe your eyes when you do see it in person! If that’s not enough there’s also a miniature submarine for the little ones where they can go in and see the different kinds of species in the pool from the inside.

If you’re looking to have a birthday party for your little ones, there is an option for those too. The children will have a party host and a guided tour around the aquarium so you parents can just relax and listen. During the tour, the children will be allowed to feed the fish and also have a tour of the touch pool. That’s where they will have a chance to hold the starfish and the spider crabs. This attraction is the children’s favourite as it is full of interesting facts and they can interact with the fish. The children will have 2 hours and they will have birthday tea and a treasure hunt included. You will also receive free admission for 2 adults and the birthday kid will receive an annual membership for Galway Atlantaquaria as a birthday gift! As part of the package you will receive free party invitations for your little one’s friends, party hats and plates.

If you’re looking for an educational trip instead of a birthday party, there’s a package available called Let us help you see the sea which is an interactive educational tour around the aquarium and includes fish feeding and being able to hold and touch Starfish, Irish Sharks and Spider Crabs. You will also be able to get a souvenir from the aquarium either in the coin machine which marks the coin with the Galway Atlantaquarium logo or in one of their gift shops downstairs.

The Atlantaquarium is only a short minute drive from Maldron Hotel Sandy Road Galway. As we appreciate how fantastic this attraction is we have worked together and offer discounted tickets that are available in our family packages or alternatively you can get these from our reception team.

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