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Vitality Breakfast

Who doesn’t love sleep; it is like a time machine to breakfast! And as this is the most important meal of the day, here at Maldron Hotel Sandy Road we have created a Vitality Breakfast which gives you a spring in your step each morning.

While enjoying your breakfast catch up on all the latest news by browsing the complimentary newspapers available. The diverse options available on the Vitality breakfast are guaranteed to keep you fueled for whatever your day has in store.


Start with some freshly brewed coffee or a cup of tea to dust the sleep out of your eyes. If you don’t require the extra boost to get you going then enjoy a healthy juice or a glass of flavoured water from the hydration station.

Cold & Wholesome Options

Take time to savour all the options available on the breakfast buffet. You’ll need it just to decide what to choose! If you are looking for an energy boost then the power shot contains a mixture of wholesome ingredients of fresh fruits combined with super fruits. For something more filling the granola pot contains energy- giving granola with natural yogurt and anti-oxidant berries.

As you drift through the restaurant the smell of freshly baked bread will be sure to capture your senses, and with a wide range of preserves to choose from the temptation is even greater. If you enjoy more of the savoury flavour then the cold meat selection and range of cheeses are the perfect topping.

Light Breakfast Options

If you prefer the lighter options then enjoy a wide range of cereals, home-made muesli or healthy porridge and top up the natural goodness with the range of vitality fruit, seeds and nuts to give you slow release energy throughout the day.

Traditional Full Irish Breakfast

The traditional breakfast of the hearty full cooked breakfast is a firm favourite with locally sourced ingredients such as grilled sausages, bacon, sunny side up eggs and not forgetting our tasty black and white pudding and lots more!

Dietary Requirements

For those with particular dietary requirements we also have a gluten free section and a range of alternatives. Don’t hesitate to ask any of the team whom will be happy to suggest appropriate options to meet your needs.

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