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The Clarenbridge Oyster Festival is proud to announce that they are celebrating their 63rd Anniversary this year. This year’s festival takes place from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October.  The beautiful village of Clarenbridge is nestled on the banks of the Clarin River at the mouth of Dunbulcan Bay, enriching tides flow through the estuary and under the arches of the old stone bridge from which the village takes its name. The sea has played, and continues to play a pivotal role in the life of Clarinbridge. From the shallow, sheltered shores come their most famous export, the renowned Clarinbridge Oyster.

Any why is the Clarinbridge Oyster so famous? Well, quiet simply for the taste – it’s unrivalled. Nowhere else on this vast planet can match the perfect conditions that exist in Clarinbridge for growing and harvesting Oysters – a sheltered bay, a perfect ratio of fresh and salt water and added to this the skill and knowledge of a community who are immersed in Oyster harvesting since Roman times.

The oysters are harvested from the surrounding shallow seas, protected from the worst winter storms and worked on by the Oystermen with generations of expertise. The festival marks the beginning of the new Oyster season and the organisers invite you to join in the fun, participate in the energy and above all savour the famous Clarenbridge Oyster – a tradition in existence since 1954 when the great Paddy Burke hosted the first Clarenbridge Oyster Festival. A lot has changed since the first festival but the philosophy remains the same.

The Clarenbridge Oyster festival is a celebration of the native Oyster, of the history of the beautiful village and of the energy of a vibrant and modern day community respecting tradition and the village invites you to join them for the world famous festival this October.

Maldron Hotel Sandy Road is ideally located just a short drive from Clarenbridge and with ample free parking and easy access to both the city and Clarenbridge, it is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the best that Galway has to offer. Afterwards, why not retreat to the Point Bar and enjoy a creamy pint of Guinness, a refreshing cocktail or cheeky cocktail!